Mobile Device Security with Tactivo

The Tactivo™ smart phone casing enables government personnel to comply with authentication regulations with mobile devices to access secure messaging and websites.

Why Tactivo?

The U.S. Federal Civilian Government has invested significant time and taxpayer money creating a vetted, secure, and usable smart card credential – the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card.  Likewise, the Department of Defense has created the Common Access Card (CAC).

From the time of the initial implementation of HSPD-12 and FIPS-201, mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets have made significant inroads into the government enterprise, with the Apple iPhone and iPad leading the way. And recently the White House has strengthened its commitment to the use of these credentials in Memorandum 1111 - Continued Implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12 –Policy for a  Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors. In this memorandum, the White House calls for all agencies to implement PIV-compliant systems for physical and logical access.

This invites the question, what do we do with all these Apple mobile devices that cannot use the PIV or CAC?

Precise Biometrics has created a family of cases for Apple iOS devices that allow the government credentials like the PIV and DoD CAC to be used within the Government Enterprise.

What is Tactivo?

Precise Tactivo is a combination smart card and fingerprint reader for iPhone 4 and 4S. The case and apps enable use of government credentials like CAC and PIV. Connected directly to the device and designed specifically to complement the iPhone design, the case provides both a smart card and fingerprint reader to enable unparalleled protection from unauthorized application access.

With apps already available and an API for developers, the peripheral device can be deployed for a variety of solutions.

  • Supports DoD CAC, PIV, PIV-I and TWIC smart card credentials
  • Connected via 30-pin connector-eliminates security concerns about Bluetooth stack
  • Supports pass-through charging and synchronization
  • Sleek design maintains iPhone aesthetic
  • iPad 2 and iPad 3 support coming in 2012

Smart Card and Fingerprint Authentication

Leveraging credentials users already have, app developers can build in stronger authentication and identification. Whether smart card or fingerprint—or both—are required, Tactivo works.

Available for Virtually Any iOS App

The Tactivo toolkit enables developers to implement self-contained authentication or integrate with third-party identity managers and service providers, so Tactivo can be used with a virtually unlimited number of apps.

Attractive Case Design

Designed specifically for the iPhone, Tactivo echoes the sleek form and iPhone aesthetic. The Tactivo case introduces multi-factor authentication options all while maintaining access to the iPhone buttons and plugs, including the ability to charge the phone without removing the case.

Tactivo App Directory

Find and explore Tactivo apps by visiting The growing directory provides information on available apps that work with Tactivo.

Government Compliance

Supports U.S. smart card credentials including CAC, PIV, PIV-2, TWIC, and the Precise Match-on-Card™ credentials used in many national IDs.

A smart casing for mobile devices that adds a smart card reader and fingerprint sensor to mobile apps.

Integrate smart card and fingerprint authentication for Tactivo™ to mobile apps with this toolkit.