Precise Match-On-Card™

With more than 160 million sold licenses worldwide, Precise Match-On-Card is the most deployed Match-on-Card technology in the world.

By storing and matching fingerprints on the smart card chip, Precise Match-On-Card technology offers the highest level of security while providing cost-effective solutions.

What can Match-On-Card Do For Your Business?

  • Decrease identity theft and fraud
  • Increase security
  • Create traceability and auditability
  • Preserve user privacy
  • Provide convenience for users


Why Choose Precise Match-On-Card?

Precise Match-On-Card technology is offered on smart cards from all major card vendors worldwide, and is fully compatible with , Java Multos and .NET cards, as well as native integration. With this level of flexibility, our Match-On-Card technology can integrate with any type of card system your business is currently operating, allowing us to work within your system requirements, budget, and needs.

Reduce Costs
Databases and external servers are expensive and require IT staff to manage and maintain. With Match-On-Card technology, you will lower costs while increasing security by eliminating passwords and the frequent updating they require.

Secure, Fast and Reliable
Match-On-Card eliminates a potential weak link in the security chain which can occur when biometric information is transferred on a network connected device.  With information being stored and matched on the smart card, the personal integrity of the cardholder is preserved. The fingerprint cannot be recreated, thus eliminating the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

Customization To Meet Your Needs
As a member of a global identity community, Precise Biometrics works in conjunction with system integrators, smart card manufacturers, and identity management companies enabling us to address your business' or organization’s  specific security needs.


Reduce your risks and cut costs with Precise Match-on-Card™ logon solutions.

Add fingerprint authentication to any national ID program.