Mobile Smart Card Readers

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Work, collaborate, and Share Information Securely

In today's global workplace, employees expect the freedom and flexibility that working in a mobile enviroment offers. Unfortunately, accessing data through mobile devices can be insecure, leaving your valuable information, data, and network at risk. We designed the Tactivo smart casing to provide the security you need in the most cost effective and convenient solution available on the market.

Strong Authentication with Tactivo

Tactivo products provide strong authentication through the  built-in fingerprint sensor and smart card reader. With Tactivo, iOS and Android apps can leverage unprecedented authentication options from simple password replacement to combining authentication with other phone features. 


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PreciseTechnology Partners offer a wide range of mobile, desktop and embedded solutions.

A multi-platform device designed for Android and supported in Windows and OS X.

A multi-platform, flexible, and affordable mobile authentication solution.

A smart casing for mobile devices that adds a smart card reader and fingerprint sensor to mobile apps.

Tactivo is now available for iPad. Find out how Tactivo provides mobile device security and protection.