With the introduction of Tactivo™, the smart phone casing for secure mobile device management, Precise Biometrics launched idApps is a marketplace where Tactivo can be purchased, as well as a resource for developers interested in creating apps to integrate with Tactivo.

Become an App Partner

The App Directory on consolidates available Tactivo apps in an easy-to-use directory that allows users to search, browse, and filter to find the apps they want. By becoming an App Partner, your apps can be listed in the directory dedicated to Tactivo users. For unparalleled visibility, your apps should be in the idApps App Directory!

As an idApps App Partner, you have complete control over your app submissions with the ability to enter apps, upload screenshots, maintain version, price, and other details, and then submit your apps for approval. Once an app is approved, App Partners can control the visibility of the app.

Join the Developer Forum

The idApps developer’s forum provides a community hub for collaborating with peers, colleagues and experienced developers integrating with Tactivo. Trusted forum advisors and Precise Biometrics resources can be accessed to support your integration initiatives.


The idApps developer’s forum contains helpful FAQ’s, the Tactivo user guide and toolkit manual.


The idApps developer’s forum provides access to the current Precise iOS Toolkit and sample applications for Tactivo integration.



What is Tactivo?

With the new Tactivo smart card and fingerprint reader, iPhone apps can leverage unprecedented authentication options, from simple password replacement, to combining authentication with other phone features such as GPS location.



l iPhone case with built-in smart card and fingerprint reader

l  Clear smart card cover displays government credential photos

l  Designed for the iPhone

l  Toolkit enables integration to other apps, third-party identity

    managers and service providers


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