Precise BioMatch Mobile

Precise BioMatch Mobile offers the integration of fingerprint functionality into any smartphone or tablet with a fingerprint sensor.  The product is compatible with Android, and other operating systems on request. With its modular design, Precise BioMatch Mobile offers great flexibility.

In order to protect our mobile devices, more and more mobile manufacturer see the value of biometric verification. Precise BioMatch Mobile offers straightforward implementation of fingerprint matching on the increasing numbers of smart devices that integrates fingerprint sensors.

The product is based on Precise Biometrics’ standardized extractor and matcher technology (ISO 19794-2) which has achieved excellent results in Ongoing MINEX and MINEX II. This algorithm has been optimized for Android environments.

Precise BioMatch Mobile has a modular design, giving customers the ability to select functionality depending on implementation requirements

Precise BioMatch Mobile

  • Compatible with Android. Other operating systems on request
  • Fully implemented ISO 19794-2 compliant enrollment and verification controllers 
  • Modules for quality assessment
  • Sample code for functionality such as sensor interaction and customer-developed GUI
  • Additional or alternative modules delivered upon request
  • Integration support

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications will depend on selections made by the customer included functionality and sensor size. The delivery can be adapted to suit the specific platform.

Please contact us for a consultation based on you requirements.

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White Paper - Understanding Biometric Performance Evaluation

Precise Biomatch embedded

For hardware platforms such as point-of-sale terminals and computers.